What is the SOUND control project? 

If you had to explain the aim of our action to a child, how would you do it? Here is an attempt…

In the SOUND-control project more than 100 people from 32 countries work together to support the control of cattle diseases. In this project we focus on the cattle diseases with no or only limited rules on European level. Nevertheless, it is important to control these diseases because healthy cows are happy cows. Every country is controlling these cattle diseases in its own way (varying from no control at all to national disease eradication programmes), making it difficult to trade cattle, while ensuring their healthy status. Therefore, in SOUND control all the people from the different countries work together to find a way to compare the results of the disease control programmes in the different countries to each other. In this way we hope that in the future, the health status of the cattle from different countries and thus different disease control programmes can be taken into account when trading animals.


sound control drawing by a 9 years old

Interpretation of the SOUND Control action by a 9 years old child.