Working Groups

WG5 – Dissemination and communication


The main aim of the WG5 is to disseminate and communicate the available knowledge and the knowledge achieved during the SOUND control project through each of the collaborating partners.

In addition, we will establish long-term collaborations and lay the scientific basis for policies aimed at improving the safety of intra-community trade in cattle.


  • Creation of an international multidisciplinary group of scientists, industry members, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders connected to cattle trade and disease surveillance.
  • Defining different stakeholders as active partners, end users and observers and inviting them to participate in the project and/or at workshops.
  • Organizing webinars, presentations and workshops at relevant conferences and the final conference of the project.
  • Encouraging dissemination and communication of SOUND control efforts and results by each participant and release of annual newsletters.


Tanja Knific

Lina Costa and Eglé Rapaliuté


Mentor Alishani
Aurore Carcel
Ivana Davidov
Jörn Gethmann
Elsa Duarte
David Graham

Maria Guelbenzu
Ramon Juste
Emmanouil Kalaitzakis
Madalina Mincu
Mihaela Niculae
Nicola Pozzato

Inge Santman-Berends
Jože Starič
Sam Strain
Lena-marie Tamminen
Annika Van Roon

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