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Short term scientific mission (STSMs)


Short term scientific mission (STSM) is financially supported mobility of researcher from one institution participating in SOUND control COST action to the participating institution in another country.

The main aim is facilitating achievement of SOUND control goals. STSM can last from 5 to a maximum of 90 days.

Candidates for STSMs have to present:

  • a working plan with foreseen deliverables of the STSM,
  • an invitation letter of host institution,
  • a letter of support from their home institution,
  • a budget plan needed for the STSM (costs of travel, accommodation and meals) and
  • a short CV to the STSM coordinators.

If the STSM is approved by the STSM committee, the candidate is supported by a grant that should cover most of the travel and subsistence costs of the mission (up to 3000 EUR). Early career investigators (ECI) are especially encouraged to apply (grant up to 3500 EUR and duration up to 6 months).

STSM committee
Coordinator: Jacinto Gomes
Committee members: Carola Sauter Louis, Beate Pinior and Jože Starič

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