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WG1 – Characteristics of existing control programmes


WG 1 will try to identify all control and eradication programmes undertaken within COST action countries for cattle diseases that are currently not regulated at the EU level, providing a unique overview of current control programmes.

We will characterise these programmes; including their design as well as epidemiological and economic backgrounds. Furthermore, we will identify stakeholders associated with these control programmes to promote future consortium engagement as our project develops and outcomes emerge.


  • Overview of controlled non EU-regulated diseases in cattle.
  • Development of a handbook or wiki page describing these programmes.
  • Creation of contact list with relevant stakeholders.
  • In cooperation with WG 2 and 3, provide programme characteristics as the basis for an output-based framework for control programme evaluation.


George Gunn supported by Carla Gomes

Jörn Gethmann and Sam Strain


Marc Dispas
Céline Faverjon
John Berezowski
Hans-Hermann Thulke
Kerli Mõtus
Polychronis Kostoulas
Theofilos Papadopoulos
Ana Balseiro
Ramon Juste
Erja Tuunainen
Sinikka Pelkonen
Tiina Autio
Dimitrios Papadopoulos
Ilias Chaligiannis

David Graham
Maria Guelbenzu
Blagica Sekovska
Igor Djadsjovski
Iskra Cvetkovikj
Gerdien van Schaik
Inge Santman-Berends
Marie Opsal Tangen
Petter Hopp
Miroslaw Polak
Elsa Duarte
Jacinto Gomes
Joao Niza Ribeiro
Lina Costa

Ann Lindberg
Ebba Schwan
Jenny Frössling
Jože Starič
Stefan Vilcek
Jaka Jakob Hodnik
Carla Gomes
Selçuk Kaplan
Xhelil Koleci
Anton Gerilovych
Marina Spinu
Emmanouil Kalaitzakis
Jasmeet Kaler

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