Working Groups

WG2 – Data requirements and availability


The objectives of the WG2 are to identify which data are required to serve as input for an output-based framework, and to assess the data availability and quality for each country involved in SOUND control.


  • Organize a workshop to discuss the data that are required to serve as input for an eventual output-based framework.
  • Identify the characteristics of these data in terms of amount of detail that is required and definitions of data quality.
  • Assess the availability of the data in each of the countries that participate in the SOUND control.


Gerdien van Schaik

Céline Faverjon


Marc Dispas
Nada Knezevic
Hans Houe
Ramon Juste
Erja Tuunainen
Tiina Autio
David Graham

Fredrik Wittenberg Andersen
Malin Jonsson
Katarzyna Dudek
Joao Niza Ribeiro
Miodrag Radinovic
Nils Fall

Tanja Knific
Stefan Vilcek
Matjaž Ocepek
Annika van Roon
Emmanouil Kalaitzakis
Ivana Davidov

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