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WG4 – Addressing the knowledge gaps


The main objective of WG4 is to develop a joint research agenda with the purpose of developing novel and easy to use methodologies for the comparison of disease control programmes carried out in different regions and with different designs.

SOUND control will encourage research initiatives that combine inputs of different disease control programmes into an output-based framework that may be applied to a large number of non-regulated cattle diseases.


  • Organize a brainstorming with scientists from multiple disciplines to discuss the requirements for the next steps to be taken in development of new methodologies.
  • Plan and promote case studies and STSMs to combine knowledge leading to new initiatives for developing a framework for output-based comparison.
  • Conducting at least three STSMs by early career investigators (ECIs) to combine knowledge on existing methods and stimulating the development of new ideas.
  • Development of a joint research agenda.


John Berezowski

Maria Guelbenzu and Luís Pedro Gomes do Carmo


Estelle Ågren
Alberto Allepuz
Marit Biesheuvel
Jordi Casal
Enver Cavusoglu
Ivana Davidov
Igor Djadsjovski
Luis Do Carmo
Elsa Duarte
Katarzyna Dudek

Christine Fourichon
Henny Frössling
David Graham
Malin Jonsson
Jaroslaw Kaba
Jasmeet Kaler
Tanja Knific
Xhelil Koleci
Kaspars Kovalenko

Aurélien Madouasse
Mirjam Nielen
László Ózsvári
Beate Pinior
Carola Sauter-Louis
Ebba Schwan
Sam Strain
Lena-Marie Tamminen
Stefan Vilcek

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