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Poster - SOUND control Slides - General presentation Poster - SOUND control progress
Poster - A data collection matrix Slides - Progress presentation (Portuguese)
Costa et al. 2020. Short communication - Preventive Veterinary Medicine
1st Training school presentations - Basic concepts in epidemiology and surveillance
Guelbenzu-Gonzalo - SOUNDcontrol Progress - SVEPM Poster
Rapaliute - Existence quality of data - SVEPM Poster
Poster - SOUND control at Middle European buiatrics congress
Koleci X - SOUND control at ICOALS - poster
Biesheuvel et al. 2021. Understanding Farmers' Behavior and Their Decision-Making Process in the Context of Cattle Diseases - Front Vet Sci
Conrady et al. 2021. Editorial: Global Control and Eradication Programmes for Cattle Diseases - Frontiers
van Roon et al. 2021. [...] Development of a Generic Data Collection Tool to Support Assessment of Freedom of Infection in Cattle Herds - Frontiers
Tamba et al. 2021. Overview of Control Programs for Twenty-Four Infectious Cattle Diseases in Italy - Frontiers
Santman-Berends et al. 2021. Control and Eradication Programs for Six Cattle Diseases in the Netherlands - Frontiers
Koleci et al. 2021. An Overview of Current Approaches and Challenges to the Control of Endemic Infectious Cattle Diseases in Albania - Frontiers
Hodnik et al. 2021. Overview of Slovenian CPs for Selected Cattle Diseases, Listed Under Category C, D or E of the European AHL - Frontiers
Graham et al. 2021. The Irish Programme to Eradicate Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus—Organization, Challenges, and Progress - Frontiers
Mandelik et al. 2021. Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Control Program in Slovakia - Frontiers
Toplak et al. 2021. The Principles of the Voluntary Programme for the Control and Elimination of BVDV From Infected Herds in Slovenia - Frontiers
Hostnik et al. 2021. Review of Infections With Bovine Herpesvirus 1 in Slovenia - Frontiers
Rosenbaum Nielsen et al. 2021. Review of Three Surveillance and CPs for Non-EU-regulated Diseases in the Danish Cattle Population - Frontiers
van Duijn et al. 2021. Why Test Purchased Cattle in BVDV Control Programs? - Frontiers
Irimia et al. 2021. Enzootic Bovine Leukosis: Surveillance Measures and CP in the Northern Dobruja Area of Romania - Frontiers
Hodnik et al. 2021. Overview of Cattle Diseases Listed Under Category C, D or E in the AHL for Which CPs Are in Place Within Europe - Frontiers
Antos et al. 2021. Vaccination Failure in Eradication and Control Programs for Bovine Viral Diarrhea Infection - Frontiers
Waldeck et al. 2021. Risk Factors for Introduction of BoHV-1 Into Cattle Herds: A Systematic European Literature Review - Frontiers
Autio et al. 2021. Overview of Control Programs for Cattle Diseases in Finland - Frontiers
Pohjanvirta et al. 2021. Suitability of Nasal and Deep Nasopharyngeal Swab Sampling of Calves in the Mycoplasma bovis CP - Frontiers
Rock et al. 2021. Overview of Mitigation Programs for Cattle Diseases in Austria - Frontiers
Rapaliuté et al. 2021. Existence and Quality of Data on CPs for EU Non-regulated Cattle Diseases: [...] - Frontiers
Strain et al. 2021. The Northern Ireland Control Programmes for Infectious Cattle Diseases Not Regulated by the EU - Frontiers
Guelbenzu-Gonzalo et al. 2021. A Herd Investigation Tool in Support of the Irish Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Eradication Programme - Frontiers
Gavey et al. 2021. The Irish Johne's Control Programme - Frontiers
Juste et al. 2021. Cattle disease control programs in Spain

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Publications by action members

Knific et al. 2020. Cattle Trade and Infectious Diseases - Frontiers in Veterinary Science
Ozsvari et al. 2020. Paratuberculosis Impact on Dairy Farms - Frontiers in Veterinary Science
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Vilcek et al. 2019. BVD CPs: principles and practical experience - Book Abstract