Reports & Publications


STSM & VM Reports

2019-03 Hodnik JJ - Characteristics of existing CPs and requirements for an output-based framework
2019-03 Munoz V - WG2. Data requirement and availability
2019-08 Hodnik JJ - Develop a questionnaire to collect information about control programmes
2019-08 Koleci X - WG2 STSM2 Review data collection frameworks
2019-10 Biesheuvel M - Considering the application of a systems, socio-ecological approach
2019-10 Meletis E - Evaluation of statistical methods for the estimation of a probability of freedom from infection
2019-11 Ardelean A - WG3 STSM3 Review and ranking of methods for the estimation of a probability of freedom from infection
2019-11 Toftaker I - Using cattle movement data in the control of infectious diseases in Norway
2020-01 Carmo LP - Identify information and other needs to facilitate trade
2020-01 Meletis E - WG3 STSM2 Evaluation of machine learning methods
2020-03 Rapaliute E - WG2 STSM3 Design a data collection matrix
2021-06 Mincu M - Finalizing a data collection tool for input data to model the freedom of controlled cattle diseases
2021-07 Cerf R - Who makes decisions about intra-EU cattle trade?
2021-08 Delalay G - Review on the use of decision-tree models for animal health surveillance purposes
2021-08 Carmo LP - Development of theory of change model
2021-08 Tamminen LM - Creation of video content for SOUND control
2021-09 Petek M - A review to describe the cattle export supply chains in Europe
2021-10 Irimia E - Control programs to support dairy calves health
2022-02 Staric J - Overview of CPs for Cattle Diseases in Categories C, D or E in the AHL in Serbia compared with Slovenia
2022-02 Koleci X - Finalise the bottom-up questionnaire


Publications by action members

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