Working Groups

WG3 – Evaluation of existing methods


The aim of the work carried out in WG3 is to identify the methodological gaps that preclude the development of output based surveillance.

As part of this work, the methods that are/could be used will be reviewed. Such methods include scenario trees and latent class models. The strengths and weaknesses of each method will be identified and the methods ranked on this basis.


  • A report on the results of STSMs a reviewing existing methodologies.
  • A workshop on the evaluation of existing methodologies.
  • A report on the comparison of different methodologies.
  • Webinars for disseminating the WG results.


Aurélien Madouasse

Polychronis Kostoulas


Beate Pinior
John Berezowski
Hans-Hermann Thulke
Jörn Gethmann
Theofilos Papadopoulos
Christine Fourichon
László Ózsvári
Igor Djadsjovski

Mirjam Nielen
Marie Opsal Tangen
Petter Hopp
Jaroslaw Kaba
Miroslaw Polak
Elsa Duarte
Jacinto Gomes
Nikola Puvača

Jenny Frössling
Jaka Jakob Hodnik
Tanja Knific
Carola Sauter-Louis
Anton Gerilovych
Sabina Šerić-Haračić
Anouk Veldhuis

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