Webinar “The new Animal Health Law: focusing on BVD and IBR” by Maria Guelbenzu

Webinar "The new Animal Health Law: focusing on BVD and IBR" by Maria Guelbenzu 1

The webinar “The new Animal Health Law and it’s implications for List C, D and E diseases: focusing on BVD and IBR” was presented by Maria Guelbenzu. Maria is Animal Health Ireland’s Programme Manager for the BVD and IBR programmes. She has experience in the diagnosis and surveillance of large animal diseases and in the development and implementation of disease control programmes.

In this webinar, she presented the new European Animal Health Law which came into force in April 2021 and includes diseases in categories C, D or E, which were not previously regulated at EU level. Although EU countries are not obliged to control diseases in these categories, many of them are already implementing control programmes to control them. Maria Guelbenzu described the diseases involved and the impact of the different categories. Using BVD and IBR as examples, she elaborated on the impact these regulations can have on programmes that want to be recognised at EU level.

A total of 58 people followed the live webinar. The webinar is now available on our YouTube channel.


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