SOUND control Newsletter – November 2022

SOUND control Newsletter – November 2022 1

The fifth and final edition of our newsletter is online.

In this newsletter you will find a nice farewell letter from our COST Action Chair Inge Santman-Berends, a list of the free resources we collected and the impact report of our Action. You will also find a list of our past events with links to the events that were filmed and are available on our YouTube channel. We also reveal the date of our last webinar on the results of the SOUND control. You can also read short testimonials and feedback from our members and participants who have taken part in Short term science missions (STSM), Virtual mobility grants and our Training school. Under selected topics you can read about:

  • application of scenario tree modelling to assess the probability of freedom from Enzootic bovine leucosis in Ireland, Italy and Slovenia,
  • which stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process on cattle trade in the EU from the farmers’ and other stakeholders’ perspective,
  • the challenges and opportunities we face in moving towards output-based surveillance of transmissible cattle diseases, and
  • how to write a SOUND control story for a non-academic audience, with an example of a story for farmers.

We hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter!

SOUND control Newsletter – November 2022 2

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