E-Book “Global Control and Eradication Programmes For Cattle Diseases”

E-Book "Global Control and Eradication Programmes For Cattle Diseases" 1

An important part of the SOUND control COST Action has been to identify and describe as many as possible of the control and eradication programmes for endemic diseases of cattle that are currently in place internationally. To date there has been little information that is easily accessible on many of these programmes, particularly those designed to address infections that are now listed as categories C, D and E within European Union Animal Health Law. In an attempt to address this lack of available information, an eBook has now been published, based on 30 articles published as part of the research topic ‘Global Control and Eradication Programmes for Cattle Diseases,’ within the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science. We hope this publication will be a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand many of the control programmes that are in place and that it will act as a useful resource to researchers and policy makers working in the field of bovine infectious disease control.

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