New co-leaders within the SOUND control project

New co-leaders within the SOUND control project 1

At the start of the SOUND-control COST Action we decided to review the leader and co-leader roles at the midterm evaluation (at the end of 2020), and to perhaps change the leaders into co-leaders and vice versa. In the first half of the project there were a group of younger researchers that took on active roles in this Action that were not part of the core group. At the evaluation of the leader and co-leader roles it was therefore discussed not only to change some of the positions but to also expand the core group with additional co-leaders to provide a chance for younger researchers to become a co-leader and gain some leadership experience. Approval for this decision was obtained from the management committee and we are proud to announce the new composition of the core group of SOUND control:


WG1. Characteristics of existing CPs and requirements for an output-based framework

Leader: George Gunn (UK)

Co-leaders: Sam Strain (UK), Jörn Gethmann (DE), Jaka-Jakob Hodnik (SI, new), Madeleine Henry (UK, new)


WG2. Data requirements and availability

Leader: Gerdien van Schaik (NL)

Co-leader: Celine Faverjon (FR)


WG3. Evaluate existing methods with potential for output-based comparison of CPs to take the next step in the development of a conceptual output-based framework

Leader: Aurélien Madouasse (FR)

Co-leader: Eleftherios Melitis (new, EL)


WG4. Stimulate initiatives aiming at development of easy to implement innovative methodologies that address existing knowledge gaps

Leader: John Berezowski (CH)

Co-leader: Maria Guelbenzu (IE), Luis Gomes (new, CH)


WG5. Dissemination and adoption

Leader: Tanja Knific (SI)

Co-leader: Lina Costa (PT), Eglė Rapaliutė (new, LT)


Science communication manager: Tanja Knific (SI)

STSM coordinator: Jacinto Gomes (PT)

ITC grant manager: Beate Pinior (AU)

Grand holder manager: Aurore Carcel (FR)

Vice chair: Christine Fourichon (FR)

Chair: Inge Santman-Berends (NL)

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