Webinar “Evaluation of surveillance systems” by Marisa Peyre

Webinar "Evaluation of surveillance systems" by Marisa Peyre 1

The webinar “Evaluation of surveillance systems” was presented by Marisa Peyre. Marisa is an epidemiologist specialized in the evaluation of animal health surveillance and control programs. She works as a senior epidemiologist and economist and is deputy head of the research unit ASTRE at CIRAD (French Agricultural Research Institute for Development). She has been working for CIRAD since 2006 and is currently based in Vietnam, where she carries out researches at the regional level in the field of evaluative epidemiology. She is a professional trainer in participatory epidemiology and the evaluation of health surveillance systems to improve animal health management strategies in South East Asia and in Europe. The work she presented in this webinar was part of the work she conducted for the RISKSUR project.

A total of 76 people watched the live webinar. The webinar is now available here.

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