STSM Veterinary School Oniris (October 2019)

STSM Veterinary School Oniris (October 2019) 1

WG3 STSM1 “Evaluation of statistical methods for the estimation of a probability of freedom from infection from data generated by disease control programmes”

From the 13th October to the 2nd of November I performed my first Short-term scientific mission (STSM) in Nantes, France. My host institution was the Biology, Epidemiology, and Risk Analysis in Animal Health department (BioEpAR).
My task was to evaluate the current statistical methods used for the estimation of a probability of freedom from infection. With the guidelines provided by the Working Group (WG) 3 leader Aurélien Madouasse and co-leader Polychronis Kostoulas, I performed a thorough search of all the methods and addressed each method’s strengths and limitations. I was also able to perform an analysis with data generated by a disease control program, in order to reproduce the results of a previous analysis and compare the results of each method.
All the results from my STSM were presented in a WG3 Workshop, in Zurich, Switzerland, on November 2019.
For me, this STSM was a great challenge, because in a short time of period I managed to come across with different types of models and all the experience I gained will help me a lot in my future.
I would like to thank the leaders of SOUND-control for providing opportunities, like this one, to young researchers, like me and I would like to encourage other restless young researchers to do the same.

Eleftherios Meletis
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Thessaly, Greece

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