STSM National Veterinary Institute (Sweden) – November 2019

STSM National Veterinary Institute (Sweden) – November 2019 1

On the 18th of November I went on my first short-term scientific mission (STSM) to the National Veterinary Institute in Uppsala, Sweden. The aim of my mission was to characterize cattle movements in Norway and explore the potential use of cattle movement data in the control of infectious diseases.

During the ten days I spend in Uppsala, I explored national cattle movement data from Norway from several years, assessing the quality and potential use. I learn methods to describe and visualize networks and to apply network analysis measures to data on animal movements. Jenny Frössling and Stefan Widgren were great hosts, always supportive and providing excellent guidance.

I would like to thank the SOUND-control organizers for providing this great opportunity to early career researchers, contributing to knowledge sharing and networking between countries. For me, the visit to the National Veterinary Institute was very valuable, I learned new methods and established collaborations which will be continued in the future.


Ingrid Toftaker

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

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