SOUND control final conference 19-20 September in Athens, Greece

SOUND control final conference 19-20 September in Athens, Greece 1

On 19 and 20 September, a very well organized final SOUND control conference was held in beautiful Athens, Greece. With more than 50 participants from 20 countries being in Athens and an additional 12 people participating online, this final conference was a successful closure of a very fruitful Action in which a sustainable network was developed. By coming to Greece many participants returned from a full Autumn experience in their own countries back to the summer for a few days and the atmosphere was accordingly relaxed and enthusiastic. The latter was of course also due to the fact that everyone was enlightened that we were finally able to meet in person again and to have one last meeting together.

Given that most COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in the beginning of 2022, there were many SOUND-control activities in this final year where people were able to visit each other and work together on topics related to output based surveillance. This resulted in a large number of presentations of STSMs and VMs with many interesting new results. Besides these interesting added outputs, each of the WG leaders presented their final deliverables and we are very proud that even with all the challenges we were able to deliver what we promised.

In addition to the scientific programme, the terrific Local Organizer’s team had organized a mutual social dinner where we could taste original Greece dishes accompanied by a beautiful environment, some local Greece music and good company from each other. All in all, we can conclude that SOUND-control had a very successful closure conference meeting.

Part of the results that were presented these days can also be found on our deliverable page, so make sure to have a look.

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