STSM Ausvet Europe (March 2020)

STSM Ausvet Europe (March 2020) 1

In the beginning of March I have started my first, two weeks long, short term scientific mission (STSM) of SOUND – control project in Ausvet EU (Lyon, France). I was very happy about the possibility to work under the supervision of Dr Céline Faverjon and meet the entire Ausvet team in person as I am a big fan of their publications and books.

It was a 3rd STSM of work group 2 (WG2) – Data quality and availability. The main objective of this STSM was: to continue designing data collection matrix. During the discussions with Céline, we decided to mainly focus on: 1) updating designed data collection matrix, according to Zürich workshop conclusions; 2) developing a tool for data quality evaluation; 3) designing an online data collection tool, including previously developed and updated data collection matrix and data quality evaluation tool.

I think and hope, the progress we made during this STSM will be a step forward for answering very important questions of the project: what data of cattle industry and surveillance of infectious diseases is available and what is the quality of it among Action member countries?

I have had a great time in Lyon and feel very lucky and thankful about the opportunity to work with Céline and the entire Ausvet team. Also, special thanks to Gerdien van Schaik and Inge Santman-Berends for helping to organize this STSM extremely quickly.

I would like to encourage everyone to apply for future STSMs, it is a fantastic opportunity to improve in the field of epidemiology, meet new people and of course – participate actively in the project!

Eglė Rapaliutė

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Veterinary Academy.

Kaunas, Lithuania.


STSM Ausvet Europe (March 2020) 2

The last day of STSM, lunch with Ausvet EU team.

From the left: Catriona Mackenzie, Dr Angus Cameron, Anne Meyer, Dr Céline Faverjon, Eglė Rapaliutė, Dr George Shirreff.




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